GreenWayTreecare was founded in 2015, we offer an alternative to the usual tree cutting and felling while still achieving the required results, our emphasis is on providing minimal disruption where at all possible, while ensuring that safety is adhered to throughout the extraction.


We try to consider preserving the trees where possible bearing in mind the effect our work has on wildlife. 


Trees and hedges provide invaluable habitat for all kinds of creatures, we therefore avoid hedge trimming during nesting season. 


Our tree surgeons are aware of potential bird nests, bats roosts and other habitat, we encourage, where appropriate, leaving deadwood (habitat piles) to encourage nature.




Our Objectives ~


Establish a clear understanding of our customers needs and requirements


Ensuring that safety and health are number one priority for our staff and the surroundings, to ensure the safety of the worker and the clients property


Carry out the project in compliance with the agreed time frame and quotation


Work with our clients in a responsible manner to ensure that environmental impact is fully taken into consideration


Leave minimal footprint behind by making the site clean and tidy on completion of the project



Our Qualifications ~


Sever Uprooted / Windblown Trees

Felling over 380mm

Manually Fed Wood-chipper

Safe use of Powered Pole Pruner

Tree Climbing & Rescue

Aerial Cutting/Free-fall Techniques