Tree Removal ~

We are experts in tree removals, with our experience, we will find the most affordable solution for removal of the affected trees. We also leave the site clean and tidy, minimizing disruption. We will be sure to preserve nature and the wildlife around the area too.



Stump Grinding ~

We specialise in stump grinding, with this process we grind and take off any of the remaining tree from the stump after removal has occurred.



Crown Thinning ~

We also provide a service called crown thinning.

This service involves us removing any small or tertiary branches which are located at the outer crown of the tree.

This will not alter the overall size of the tree.



Deadwood and Crown Cleaning ~

We will remove any deadwood or rotted, damaged branches from the tree.

These branches may cause harm to property, animals or humans.



Tree Reduction ~

Reducing canopy size stresses the tree because of the cuts required. 

Unlike a thinning cut, a drop-crotching cut does not cut back to a natural boundary, this means that decay can spread quickly inside cut branches, for this reason it is best not to perform crown reduction if at all possible.


Tree Pruning ~

Tree pruning may need to be considered when branches become damaged or rotten, reduce tree height or to shape a tree for design purposes.

Never compromise your safety by pruning a tree.



Safety is Priority ~

Safety needs to be the number one consideration when carrying out any work on or around trees. 

Our team are fully trained in safety and fully insured. We sometimes insist on the use of a crane or hydraulic climbing equipment in order to avoid any risk to our team or your property.